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Think only older people prefer print? Think again

The notion that print is at risk of dying out with older generations as younger people favour digital communication is unsubstantiated, a new survey has found.

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A survey has found that young professionals preferred receiving educational content from printed materials

Content solutions provider Omnipress asked young professionals between 22 and 33 about their preferences regarding reading and remembering information, focusing on educational and professional information.

Omnipress chief executive officer Tracy Gundert says: “We have been hearing from clients that their youngest members want all of their educational content online, but we had doubts. Other research we consulted showed that millennials read printed books, sometimes more than other age groups. To learn what young professionals were really thinking, we decided to ask them.”

The survey found that 50 percent of respondents find it easier to learn from printed materials, while 58 percent believed that print materials are better for reference. Half of those interviewed preferred print when reading something they needed to learn, with just 18 percent citing digital content as their preference.

Millennials have never known a world without the internet. But those who think that they only want to read online are in for a big surprise

It also showed that 68 percent of respondents will never stop reading printed educational materials, while 86 percent agree that the world is more connected than ever, but there is still a place for printed materials.

Vice president of business development Steve Manicor adds: “Millennials have never known a world without the internet. But those who think that they only want to read online are in for a big surprise.

“It’s no longer a debate about print or digital, but instead, how to incorporate the right combination of platforms to facilitate learning objectives.”
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