Printmonthly RSS article feed. RSS feed for articles Picon marks 100 years with a commemorative book The trade body Picon, (Printing Industry Confederation) is celebrating 100 years of representing the printing industry and lobbying on its behalf. Andrew Pearce: I’m optimistic about print’s future They have long been a bone of contention in the print industry: the role of the print broker or as they tend to call themselves, print managers. Saving the seas: 3D printed coral reefs Access to 3D printing technologies has grown exponentially in the last few years and one Australian company is using it to bring life back to coral reefs. Industry celebrates International Print Day The industry is coming together today to mark International Print Day, a 24-hour global event celebrating the best of print and the industry. Kerivel-Brown: the importance of graphic designers In a world where print is judged on price and delivery rather than quality and finish, specifying the paper stock is vital if a job is to stand out from the crowd.