Printmonthly RSS article feed. RSS feed for articles Hybrid Finishing Technology Hybrid finishing technology can help wide-format print firms save on floorspace and cost, but what other benefits does this machinery offer? Rob Fletcher speaks with manufacturers to find out Mimaki TS55 1800 Brian Sims dips into the world of the Mimaki TS55 1800, aimed at textile professionals looking to upscale their operation without the crippling price tag Christmas, Brexit and beyond Genevieve Lewis listens to print’s trade associations as they consider key industry challenges Hybrid Finishing Technologies There are a number of hybrid finishing technologies available and for printers to look into. Genevieve Lewis asks: "What are the prime benefits of investing in this technology and what is there on offer?” Hobs acquires Canon’s 3D print business Hobs 3D, the 3D printing arm of Hobs Group, has announced its acquisition of Canon UK’s 3D printing business.